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We have five separate classrooms within our building:

· The Infant Room: Ages 4 weeks to 1 year

· The Toddler Room: Ages 1 year to 2 years

· The Preschool Room: Ages 3 years to 4 years

· The Pre-Kindergarten Room: Ages 4 years to 5 years

Grouping into classrooms is based on several factors besides age; we strive to find the best environment for each child. Schedules for each classroom will be posted within the rooms. For children in the infant and toddler groups schedules will be followed that are most appropriate for each individual. For these age groups parents will need to provide diapers, wipes, any ointments and release forms for their usage, and a few changes of clothing. If supplies are running low we will inform parents with a written notice.

Each classroom will follow Washington State guidelines for teacher/student ratios.

Infants: 1 teacher per 4 infants with a maximum of 2 teachers per 8 infants.

Toddlers: 1 teacher per 7 toddlers with a maximum of 2 teachers per 14 toddlers.

Preschool: 1 teacher per 10 three-year-olds with a maximum of 2 teachers per 20 three-year-olds.

Pre-K: 1 teacher per 10 four-year-olds with a maximum of 2 teachers per 20 four-year-olds.


Virtually tour our classrooms.
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